A Wall Opens VR

A Wall Opens is a stunning, first person, narrative driven virtual reality puzzle game-escape room filled with touches of magic.

You find yourself trapped in your Granny’s cluttered study just months after her death. There’s no door, outside a storm is raging, the roof is leaking, and not a person in sight. The only clue is a letter to you from Granny apologizing for the inconvenience. Through letters, puzzles, magical realism, and a portal into a world within the wallpaper, you find both the key and the door to the next room. With 3 rooms in all, you uncover facets of Granny’s life, her complicated relationship with motherhood, family, and even reality itself. The story is uncovered as you rummage through letters, books, artwork, and knickknacks in the space. The game progresses as you solve puzzles and transform objects such as a puzzle box that transforms into a planter with a sprouted hyacinth bulb and a cloud lamp that changes the weather.
Each room has a unique theme and a portal you must find and enter to retrieve items vital to solving the puzzles and uncovering the mystery and finally escaping. Room 1, Water Water, is a study full of plants and flowers with a portal to a watermill. Room 2, Unintended Consequences, is a room in transition, with things packed in boxes, drop cloths around in preparation for the room to be painted, and paint spilled on the floor. Shadows and reflections have strange powers, and the portal takes you into a chamber within a tree. Room 3, Star, is a kitchen in need of a spark, with a portal into a cave within an oven mitt. Together these 3 rooms tell a powerful tale of motherhood, yearning, love, and escape.